Are you living with Arthritis?   Physiotherapy can help!
Physiotherapists play important roles in the overall management of arthritis.

Physiotherapy treatment is aimed at:

  • reducing pain
  • improving movement
  • strengthening muscle power
  • improving function and assisting with independence

Pain relief methods:

  • Thermal (heat treatments)
  • Electrical treatments (electrotherapy)
  • Physical treatments – exercise, manual therapy and hydrotherapy

Other Treatments

Exercise: A balanced programme of rest and exercise, and careful attention to joint posture is essential for joint health.

Manual therapy: Mobilisation and manipulation techniques are specific passive movements applied to joints and soft tissues to help restore full movement to a joint that is painful and restricted.

Hydrotherapy: Hydrotherapy (pool therapy) is a very useful means of exercising arthritic joints using the buoyancy of water to assist / resist movement.

Our Physiotherapists can assist with advice, treatment, rehabilitation and exercise programmes.

For further information contact us and/or visit Arthritis NZ