Massage services

Massage services

Our physiotherapists deliver massage and physiotherapy services to hundreds of professional athletes and teams, amateurs, novices and everyone in between. 

We deliver specifically tailored on site massage therapy sessions for individuals, groups, teams and companies. We have longstanding relationships with organisations such as Spark, Super Rugby and other International touring teams, Auckland City Council and other large businesses. We have also worked with the Cirque de Soleil, French Ballet and world famous rock bands, including the Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

Alongside this we provide massage to all our regular sports teams including the Blues, the Northern Mystics, Northern Stars, Vodafone Warriors, Ikale Tahi, Vulcans, James Blond Supercity Rangers and many more. Importantly, all our physiotherapists are registered health professionals.

We are governed by NZ Law which is overseen by Physiotherapy Board of NZ.

We are trusted professional health practitioners.

Types of massage:

The type of massage is dependent entirely on what is asked for or deemed necessary at the time. Specific types of massage may include:

Recovery – typically this type of massage is about long broad fluid flush techniques aimed more specifically at reducing muscle tone & promoting recovery.
Maintenance – typically includes assessment of key ranges of movement or performance limiting factors then addressing these factors via massage, stretching, mobilisation & manipulation.
Therapeutic – targeted to specific area’s to assist with injury treatment, tight or problem areas in an effort to enhance performance.
Injuries – this is our forte. We are hugely experienced in dealing with sports injuries. We utilise massage along with many other “tools” available to our expert physiotherapists.

Our physiotherapists are also able to lodge ACC claims on your behalf should it be required. We have direct links & associations with numerous Doctors, Sports Doctors / Physicians, Specialists, A & E Services, Radiology Services and other health professionals


We can deliver professional massage services anywhere in Auckland – hotels, clubs, sporting venues or in one of our nine Auckland locations. We will provide all necessary equipment and can supply supporting products on request.

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