Aged Care – “Stay active, mobile and independent”

Fact: Our population is ageing.

Fact: The Ministry of Health projects the number of people over 65 will double over the next 50 years.

Fact: We can help you remain active and get the best out of life because we excel at delivering physiotherapy services to older adults within aged care facilities, independent dwellings or just those who feel they need a little bit of a hand to keep or get themselves moving better.

Physio Rehab Group has contracts with some of the largest aged care facilities in the country and can provide a comprehensive range of services to these populations / groups.

We have a large team of qualified experienced physiotherapists working directly with older adults. This outstanding Aged Care team deliver more than 150 hours a week of specialist aged care services on site at around 20 Aged Care Facilities (Rest Home, Hospital and Dementia Care), Private Hospitals and Retirement Villages across Auckland, whilst also maintaining excellent skills sets across other specialties within physiotherapy.

They can help with:

  • Falls Prevention
  • Post surgery rehabilitation
  • Fractures
  • Improving arthritic condition, mobility and general health
  • Maintaining independent living
  • Balance and stability
  • Rehabilitation for Neurological conditions
  • Group exercise classes

Please contact us directly for further information or queries in regards to aged care services.