Are you or someone you know suffering from mastitis?

Mastitis usually occurs in breastfeeding mothers but can also affect non-breastfeeding mothers and pregnant women.

It is a painful condition which needs to be addressed quickly.

Ultrasound is an effective treatment for Mastitis – it’s non-invasive, non-chemical and only 2 – 3 treatments at specific doses will either work or not.

Women find the treatment soothing and with early intervention, they are able to continue to breast feed and not interrupt their feeding pattern.

Certainly, those women it has helped have been very grateful.

Physio Rehab Group have 3 Auckland locations offering this treatment.

Feel free to call one of the clinics below to find out more.

PRG Silverdale – Ph 09 421 1551                  PRG Glendowie – Ph 09 528 8171               PRG Kohimarama – Ph 09 528 6400