Strapping Video’s & Resources (Rigid & Kinesio Tape)


Taping / strapping is a useful tool and has its place.  It certainly shouldn’t replace a proper diagnosis, treatment & rehabilitation.

We have specific short strapping booklets for rigid strapping & kinesiology strapping for you to download.

Below are some youtube & web links for rigid & kinesiology strapping.  These clips / links are not intended as a substitute for diagnosis or treatment.  They in no way way replace a professional opinion from your Doctor or Physiotherapist.

Rigid Taping

Below is a series of great little YouTube clips on sports strapping – our thanks to “RugbyNut65′s”

Ankle Taping – Basic

Ankle Taping – Extreme Support

Arch Support / Low Die Taping

Best Thumb Taping Ever

Shoulder Taping

Double Shoulder Taping Technique

Knee Medial Ligament Taping

Patella Instability Taping Technique

Another great place to look for more information on strapping is here 3M Australia

Kinesio Taping

There are an extraordinary  number of websites / links for KinesioTaping.  Our suggestion is to look at this site Kinesiology Tape Info Centre Tape as it brings togehter a few brands / varieties of Kinesio Taping Methods.  They also have some easily printable pages of the various Kinesiology Tapes here

There is really no proof to many of the claims but again it is a useful tool that we physiotherapists sometimes use.

This YouTube Channel “TapeExperts” appears to have the most comprehensive / least bias information & video’s avaialble.