Useful websites / resources & rehab video’s for patients


General Interest

Adam Dalgleish – Auckland Based Orthopaedic Surgeon has some educational multimedia clips on knees & shoulders.

Arthritis NZ – has plenty of good practical information relating to all forms of Arthritis.

Asthma Foundation of NZ - excellent resource for people with breathing difficulties.

Back Pain – The STarT Back Pain Online Screening Tool helps you to choose the appropriate treatment plan / pathway when you have back pain (from Keele University)

Back Pain Management Tips – CIRPD – Canadian Institute for the relief of pain & disability – great tips for back pain prevention, management & rehabilitation

Everybody NZ -  great site with fantastic array of health information pertinent to NZ’ers.

Everybody Walk – online educational campaign (american) with fantastic resources, help, reasons & explanations about the benefits of walking

Grey Power – a wealth of information (& very important advocate) on all on Aged Care matters in NZ

Healthtalkonline – award winning UK based health website of patient experiences led by experts at Oxford University.

Hip Replacement & Recovery – UK based “the hip fairy” patient perspective & experiences specifically about hip replacements.

Physiotherapy Choices – for the research buffs.  This site outlines the best evidence based research on physiotherapy.

Rehabilitation & Exercise Sites

Accident Compensation Corporation – Our own “comprehensive no fault personal injury cover” corporation has some great basic resources / information for injury, treatment, rehabilitation & return to sport or normal activities.  It covers RICED, concussion, shoulders, hamstrings, knees & ankles along with many other helpful resources.

PhysiotherapyExercises.Com – great site for the disability sector (& its free).  It is specifically for creating handouts / exercises for  people with spinal cord injuries and other  neurological conditions

Sports Care – Auckland’s own Dr Benjamin (Dale) Speedy’s website has an extensive range  of rehabilitation exercise clips (listed under ‘rehabilitation’).

Thera Band Academy – need to join up (its free) but they have great range of rehab exercises. – Iconic exercise site with all sorts of great advice and links.

Sports Medicine Sites

Summit Medical Group –  is a USA medical group which has what they call “Live Well Library”.  It has basically has 9 searchable “libraries”.  We have included the direct link to the Sports Medicine section here

Clinical Sports Medicine – The Bible (really good if you have a health profession background).

3M Australia – Great little site / page showing basic injury information & strapping techniques.

Occupational Health Sites

HabitAtWork -  ACC’s guide to healthy bodies in the work place.

Calvin College Health and Safety Ergonomics – Simple easy to understand documents on back care, workstation set up etc.